We are 6 unique, competent, passionate, and dedicated professionals in the racing industry, with our long-term vision of concept and design, as well as operational excellence, allowing our team of cutting-edge leading professionals in marketing, design and technology, based out of Italy, United States and Japan, to consolidate products such as the XTREMEBARRIERS “BARRIER”, and XTREMEBARRIERS “OVERUP” committed to deliver the best indoor and outdoor karting tracks in the world and always feeling in our hearts what drives us to the core:

The Passion for Motorsports.

Federico Renon


Federico is also responsible for the planning of all our tracks and he is considered in the racing world as an innovator of the delimitation barrier concept.

Marco Troiani

Co-Founder & Technical Manager of XTREMEBARRIERS Srl

Marco has grown professionally under the mentorship of Federico Renon, collaborating in track design, and technical installations.

Karol Romanczyk

Marketing Manager for Eastern Europe

His excellent entrepreneurial skills and business acumen make Karol a pivotal element to our organization.

Takahiro Ito

Sales & Marketing Manager for Japan

Takahiro he has been actively involved in marketing and sale of go-karts, barriers, timing system development, truck design and management.