Xtr1100 has a modular composite structure, each element has been designed to perform a well-defined function and nothing is superfluous or potentionally counterproductive to the purpose, which is to absorb the s hocks without generating unpleasant indirect consequences.

The back of the Xtremebarriers can be disassembledand has a double function.
Firstly it allows the “front back” of the barrier to be flexible, mobile and harmonious in being able to generate curves, variations, chicanes.

The second important feature of the “retrobarrier” is inherent in the robustness that is generated by not being a single body with the barrier itself. This entails an excellent dispersion of the impact forces along the longitudinal axis of the barrier, all thank to the mechanical constraint, a real physical “shock absorber”, which exists between the “back” of the barrier and the Barrier itself.