SoftMax 2020, the new modular barrier system provides the best of everything that you could look for in an impact protection device for Karting, on both indoor and outdoor tracks.

Thanks to its innovative shape and varied thicknesses, the SoftMax 2020 barrier absorbs impacts, ensuring the maximum protection for the driver, while also managing to satisfy design and aesthetic requirements.

SoftMax 2020 provides a “soft” response to impacts. In addition, because it is made of high-density polyethylene, it guarantees maximum resistance to deformation, allowing both the track layout and the Kart to avoid damage.

The SoftMax 2020 is an evolution of the classical (XTR1100) barrier system, also because it makes it possible to significantly reduce the space taken up by traditional barriers, resulting in overall bulk going from 40 cm to just 13 cm. Also, SoftMax 2020’s flexibility makes it possible to form much tighter bend radii, providing scope for ever more exciting track layouts for drivers, while optimising operating costs.

The SoftMax 2020 barrier is modular and easy to adapt to any track length. The position of the barriers and their elastic response is guaranteed by both the special supports made of steel and rubber, suitably fixed to the ground behind the barriers, and a 20 cm wide black polyethylene protective strip on the front, over the entire length of the track without gaps, while its colourfastness means that a perfectly clean track is ensured all the time.

Single module dimensions:

Net length 1125 mm.
Width 130 mm.
Height 400 mm