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To run a successful business, any prior experience is welcome but not essential. If you ensure to choose a kart track supplier that provides you with all the required guidelines and know-how, you’ll be on the right path to start a profitable and rapidly growing venture. Select a supplier that offers firsthand information on:

  • Location selection
  • Financial benchmarks
  • Demographic analysis
  • Business planning
  • Track design
  • Track safety
  • Location-compliant documentation
  • Implementation of additional attractions
  • Production process
  • Maintaining the track in perfect condition
  • It’s important to choose a supplier willing to maintain a professional relationship and offer adequate support long after your karting arena is operational.

The area size depends on the required version of the kart track based on the target audience and capacity needs.

  • KID Track: xx–yy sqm (xx-yy square feet)
  • FLAT Track: xx–yy sqm (xx-yy square feet)
  • MULTI-LEVEL Track: xx–yy sqm (xx-yy square feet)

The minimum overhead clearance for the multi-level kart track (ground floor + one level) should be at least X meters (X feet). For a three-level track (ground floor + two levels), at least X meters (X feet) are required.

The distance between pillars is important to ensure the track width for overtaking – we recommend at least X-Y meters (X-Y feet) between pillars.

Concrete slab: The recommended thickness is at least xx mm (approximately xx inches) – if this is not possible, specify the thickness to evaluate possible solutions. The required concrete strength is C30/37 (Eurocode-2) or 3000 psi – if this is not possible, specify concrete technique to assess possible solutions.

You need an operating license, but each country has different requirements and regulations. Based on our experience, additional permissions and regulations unrelated to the karting business may also be required in your area, so Xtremebarriers recommends contacting local authorities in the early stages of the project.

Based on experience, we realize that the investment to build and operate a karting center is not low. However, the ROI is significantly high. A project that has invested over $1,500,000 could achieve ROI in as little as 2 years.

  • Year-round operation regardless of weather to maximize earnings potential
  • Possibility to be located in an urban area
  • Themed facility (sound, lighting effects, graphics, etc.)
  • Easier and more cost-effective implementation of a multi-level track within the same flat track area
  • Easier creation of a welcoming and secure environment for corporate events and celebrations
  • More suitable for younger drivers
  • More efficient use of space
  • Possible conversion of existing industrial buildings

If feasible, you can create a combined indoor and outdoor facility. After starting the session indoors, drivers continue outdoors and return indoors. The indoor track can function independently if weather conditions prevent outdoor track operation.

  • Maximum utilization of available space per sqm / sq ft
  • Improved track capacity and revenue potential due to the possibility of placing additional attractions in the area not needed for the track
  • Xtremebarriers offers an exceptional multi-level system capable of providing the best driving experience with the highest possible safety standards
  • The design of the multi-level track has been shown to improve customer retention rate by 35%!

Xtremebarriers will provide you with a fully equipped track, including:

  • Design
  • Safety barrier system (including anchoring and energy absorption system)
  • Multi-level structures
  • Pit equipment
  • Floor coverings
  • Basic accessories
  • Installation supervision by the Xtremebarriers team
  • Transportation costs

Operations unrelated to the track (e.g., fire safety, Wi-Fi, audio systems, etc.) are not included in the scope of work by Xtremebarriers and must be managed by the customer.

Depending on the size, complexity, and distance between the customer and the production facility, the project time can vary from 3 to 5 months. For very large and complex projects, the lead time is estimated upon completion of the Track Design Project.

Depending on the target audience, the track can be adapted to the level of skills and expectations of customers.

  • For a track designed for kids and families, a layout that offers the right level of driving engagement without being too challenging for the average customer is recommended. We suggest a track length of 180-300 m (600-950 feet).
  • For a track aimed at adults and corporate events, a track layout with a wide range of challenging curves and numerous elevation changes creates an adrenaline rush for racing enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. We suggest a track length of 300-450 m (1000-1500 feet).

A shorter track is easier to remember and allows more laps per session, still offering an excellent driving experience. On the other hand, a longer track allows greater diversity of track elements and various types of curves. This translates into a greater customer experience and satisfaction, reflected in customer retention rates. Our advice is to start with a minimum of 8 go-karts per session, which requires a track length of 200-240 m.

To ensure a high level of fun, Xtremebarriers suggests a track length between 250 and 300 linear meters (820 and 985 linear feet) for average speeds of electric go-karts. However, if your target audience consists of inexperienced and young drivers who drive at a suggested lower speed, the track could be shorter, around 230 linear meters (755 linear feet).

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